For any suits lover Kiton is an absolute must-have.

The widely known brand from Naples stems from the antic school of tailoring.

The name Kiton comes from the word ‘chitone’ meaning a ceremonial tunic worn by ancient Greeks during the religious rituals on Olympus. It was Ciro Paone’s love for elegant clothes and his desire to create hand-sewn products that prompted him to found the company that is now more like a huge artistic studio than a factory. 

Each day Kiton produces exceptionally well-cut clothes, in which even the tiniest details are carefully checked by one of the 330 tailoring masters.

Kiton clothes are the embodiment of the company’s philosophy. High quality fabrics are made of natural fibers and hand-stitched according to the Naples hand-sewing tradition that is passed from generation to generation. A true connoisseur will easily recognize the characteristic pleated shoulders (‘manica camica’), the fitted, comfortable and beautiful jackets without lining.

Kiton offers the best fabrics and an excellent cut that fits like “second skin.”