Corneliani: A family business based on tradition, quality and modernity.

Corneliani has been a leading name in elegant men’s fashion worldwide for over half a century.

Whilst it is an established business, Corneliani is first and foremost a family with strong ties to undisputed values passed down through the generations. The ceaseless pursuit of beauty which the Brand undertook is borne of its native soil, the town of Mantua, still a small Renaissance gem. So, if formal beauty makes up the company’s DNA, it is because it has always been part and parcel of the town where it carries out its activity, a place which rose to magnificent glory under the Gonzaga family in the 15th Century.

Corneliani's values of tradition - seen in the strong bond with its hometown, quality - sartorial skill coupled with the finest fabrics, and modernity - reflected in the contemporary design of its clothes and its cutting-edge technology, therefore form its sturdy cornerstones. Besides sophisticated, impeccably tailored suits and Corneliani ID leisurewear – a blend of design and functionality – the brand’s quality becomes exclusive with Made to Measure. Sartorial excellence, fabrics of unrivalled quality in sought-after colour variants and exquisite details go into making unique garments of the highest quality.